Reggie Yates: The Insider: 3 part series now on BBC 3 & iPlayer

Reggie in Ghana 

Reggie spends a week living and working on one of the most notorious rubbish dumps in the world – Abogbloshie in Ghana. This is where electronic waste comes to die – ripped up and  pulled apart to extract the valuable copper inside. But what effect does it have on the people who work there?  And is it true that some of this waste originates in the UK?

Reggie in Syria 

The refugee crisis is one of the defining issues of our time. Now, Reggie is about to enter a refugee camp, spending 7 days inside the Domiz Refugee camp in Iraq to experience what it’s really like to be a migrant. Established 2012 the camp is 60km from the Syrian border and currently houses 30,000 migrants. 

Reggie in North Carolina  

Reggie is going to experience prison life from the other side, working as a guard in a US jail in Guildford County, North Carolina to learn about the pressures faced by people whose job it is to control some of the most dangerous men in society.

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